A Minor Victory

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I recently found myself wanting to add Canadian holidays to my (OS X) calendar. Apple doesn’t make this easy; as you have to switch your primary region to switch calendars, that’s probably a step too far for me. It’d be nice to have a curated, updated list of holidays for both the US and Canada (to be reminded to wish friends and family a happy True Thanksgiving and False Thanksgiving, respectively).

Easily enough done; right-click the “Holidays” calendar and copy the URL to the clipboard; it should be something like https://p25-calendars.icloud.com/holidays/us_en.ics (for the US).

Change that final part of the URL to ca_en.ics for Canadian English.

To add the Canadian holidays, I simply chose “New Calendar Subscription” from the File menu in Calendar, and pasted in my ca_en.ics URL. Bingo. For some reason, this subscription can’t be shared in my iCloud account (for … reasons?) so I store it on my Mac.

Today, I have achieved a small but real victory over the forces of software.