Living On Linux, Part 0

LINUX, I GUESS? So for reasons that defy explanation, I have decided that I need to live on Linux, or at least, make a go of it. I have been a Mac user almost exclusively for decades, but as I have aged, my asks of a computer have largely shriveled down to Emacs, and a web browser. I still appreciate the craft of a lot of the software I use on the Mac; and I still think that Apple’s hardware is basically best in class, but I’m distant enough from needing e.
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Advent of Code 2020, preparing

I’m going to try and complete the Advent of Code puzzles this year, in Haskell, without bouncing off of those stupid interpreter problems that have always driven me away in the past. Encouraged by a fellow poster on, I’m going to try and blog my attempt here. I don’t have a lot of extra time, but I would like to be better at blogging, and also at Haskell, so let’s hope that this works out.
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Movie Review - Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

I got stoned and this is my movie review. Q: Why does Mahershala Ali want to kill Alita? Q: Who is Dr Ito and why do they all like him so much? Q: The whole “get a pro contract by racing in this open and then somehow leverage that pro career into … magic beans?” plan seems like a pretty convoluted way to move the plot forward? Q: Who’s doing the productive labour in this society?
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Here We Go Again

You know, the joke about having tried more static site generators than posts is sort of true? And here we are, with hugo instead of Athena. Sigh. The reason, such as it is, is to start keeping all of these in org-mode files and export them, via pandoc and ox-hugo.el. We’ll see how long I keep this up.

Movie Review - A Simple Favor (2019)

I didn’t really know anything about this, going in. It was tonally all over the map; the performances were good, it was competently put together. The pure aesthetics of watching Henry Golding and Blake Lively interact was pretty great; but at the end of the day, the plot was stupid, the pacing weird, and the tone veered too radically between farce and thriller to work for me. Any time you “solve” the big mystery with a twin, you have failed, screenwriter.
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Movie Review - The Meg (2018)

There is a lot that I should like about this movie: Jason Statham (including a hilariously unnecessary shot of his eight? 10? 12? pack); the strong international cast (although I can’t see Cliff Curtis and not get the residual Once Were Warriors creeps); it’s a Chinese/US coproduction, with all of the bi-cultural rah-rah silliness that that entails; the titular creature is a GIANT RELICT SHARK, I mean, precisely in my wheelhouse.
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That'll Help!

Today, in the normal course of doing my job, I encountered a situation that caused the JVM to blow up, and, being the friendly and helpful piece of software that it is, it emitted 28,092 lines of stack trace. That’s twenty-eight thousand lines, totalling 2.2 megabytes worth. But, thankfully, the JVM doesn’t do tail-call elimination, so none of those super useful stack frames could possibly be elided. Software wins again.

A new test

It never ends. Now, I’m trying a new blog generator: Athena. There is a way in which this blog is less a blog and more of bikeshedding therapy. I admit that. This new thing is nicer, because it does less, and it outputs to Tufte CSS, which definitely makes my semiliterate babbling about whatever nonsense at least look like someone cared. Otherwise, eh. I wonder if I should store my posts in some intermediate format, so that they can be output to the input format of any given static site generator.
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Some update items

Linux For perfectly valid reasons, I need to install Linux on my main computer. As this is a bog-standard Intel PC, of course the kernel on the latest “CentOS” distribution is too old to work. Exotica like Intel’s X99 chipset and Intel’s 5930k processor are apparently too weird for CentOS, because, software, I guess? There’s doubtless some stupid song and dance you can do to put an updated kernel on the installer media, but really, at the end of the day, what you get is a RedHat based distribution.
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A Minor Victory

I recently found myself wanting to add Canadian holidays to my (OS X) calendar. Apple doesn’t make this easy; as you have to switch your primary region to switch calendars, that’s probably a step too far for me. It’d be nice to have a curated, updated list of holidays for both the US and Canada (to be reminded to wish friends and family a happy True Thanksgiving and False Thanksgiving, respectively).
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